Progress (in a relatively upward pattern) not perfection

I have a personal list of about eight habits I'm working to correct. Stuff like losing weight, exercise more, freelance productivity, update blogs regularly, drink less wine (gasp! yes, my 4th step admission), have fewer temper tantrums, be nicer to myself, etc. I've made a mental rubric of these habits and rate myself periodically on my progress in each (daily rating would be ideal, but I'm not that organized). 1-needs improvement, 2-meh, 3-not bad, 4-high five, mama. I add up my points and if I got more than 50 percent (16) I count it a good day. Less than that and I file it as a  not-so-hot one (which we are all entitled to have). I then release it. No good using it to flog myself with. Then I give thanks to my higher power for allowing me the day to live. This slow-and-steady system has helped me gently make self-tweaks where needed. Progress, (generally upward) not perfection. That's me two years and 40 pounds heavier. I'm taking weight loss in bite-sized portions (pun intended). 
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