More Posts, Not Home Page, is My Bubblews Sweet Spot

You know how to get to Bubblews homepage, right? Not by writing that stellar article. It doesn't matter much what you write. Not by being most popular. It's by getting more likes, comments, views on your most recent post. You have to let it simmer while you interact. When you post again, it falls off.

Home page is not for me, as I've said for awhile. Why? Because I don't make as much money. Obviously it takes a lot of interacting without posting, to get to homepage. You "cast your bread on the waters" as it were, and hope it comes back to you in the form of likes and comments. But if people don't like, comment etc, on that post, it won't get there.   More Posts, Not Home Page, is My Bubblews Sweet Spot 
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