"Busy" is not how you are but what you are...just sayin'

When someone asks you how you are, how often do you reply, "busy!" While it's probably true, it doesn't reflect HOW you are but WHAT you are. Take a moment today, to ask yourself, "how am I feeling? How am I doing with my goals? Why am I so busy? What can I do to make my load a little easier?"

I did that yesterday. My husband went to bed late (yes, he works nights) and had to get up to take our youngest to the Ortho. I offered to take her so he could rest. He's trying to make time to be involved with the kids, despite a freakishly freaky schedule. So he said, "no, I'll take her. You're busy." That's when it hit me. I'm always busy and life is passing me by. Instead of just one of us taking her, we both did. I know, how extravagant!

So I took the proverbial apron off, shook the punctuation dust from my fingers and gave myself a break. After the ortho, we dropped Emma off at the museum for youth docents. We strolled downtown, got a free piece of apple-cinnamon bread from the bakery and a cup of coffee and admired the ArtWalk entries. We wandered through the museum. When Em was done, we went out for supper.

It took all of 3 hours. Then Alb went back to bed to finish his rest and I went back to work. But I went back refreshed and would you believe, I got lots more done than had I kept on plugging. I deserve to relax. My hubs deserves to relax. You deserve to relax. You're a happier person if you do. Your family is happier, too.(Link goes to my article about ways to relax. It is not mandatory to read.)

Just my tuppence for the day.
Love, mar
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