I Can Wear Size 6 Pants, Down 7 Sizes Since Losing 87 Pounds

I've lost 87 pounds--no drugs, surgery, special diets. Just good old calorie counting and portion control (plus some helpful supplements Dr. Oz recommends). I bought a new pair of pants Saturday--size 6. That's down from size 18-20 in 2010 and two sizes down just from early summer. I wear a size small sweater and medium blouse.

I still have about 13 pounds to lose to get where I want to be. But I am learning to be happy where I am, to bloom where I'm planted. It occurred to me recently that I have hated myself all of my life, even when I was thin! I still don't like the residual fat, but I am learning to make peace with it.   I Fit Size 6 Pants, Down from Size 20
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