I started a blog today, alert the media...

Those who know me would say "whoopie doo" if they found out that I started a blog. "This is new? We should alert the media?" they'd say. I've been blogging for about five year (for money). This blog is different. It's just for therapy, for solace, for fun. For me. And for you, if you want to join me. You can read the bio. I write for Yahoo! Words are my business. I'm a broker of ideas. That's just the "resume" type stuff. That I write to (hopefully) impress. Don't expect to be impressed here. There will be no lesson plans, few tips, not much advice and probably some spelling errors. I may resort to writing with no punctuation like e e cummings or i might skip capital letters or use run on sentences. or fragments. I will use lots of parenthesis (I'm a very parenthetical person). I will forget to put the commas in the quotation marks and jumble everything in one big paragraph.

The Pink Floyd "Bike" song says "I have a clan of gingerbread men, here a man there a man everywhere a gingerbread man. You may have one if you wish, they're on a dish". You may join me  if you wish. But remember, it might a messy ride.  Love, mar (oh and there will be no SEO or keywords) P.S. there will be p.s. s (I love p.s.s ) P.S.S. I don't like this picture. I use it because I don't want anyone thinking I'm anything but plain, old and a bit chubby. I do have nice hair and a nice smile, I think.
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